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 [ Pic: Rich in a Tux ] (640x480x24@37K) (377x478x24@29K)  [ Pic: Rich with a Goatee ]

I normally don't like to give out this first picture of me taken in April 1996. People too often mistake my nickname of Rich as meaning wealth. This picture makes it even worse since I'm standing in front of an airplane while wearing a tux. I'm NOT wealthy.

Every few years, I try to grow facial fur during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, I won't give it delusions of grandeur by actually calling it a mustache and goatee. Anyway, here's what I look like as a bear in early 1997.

 [ Pic: Rich in Red ] (291x451x24@12K) (207x450x24@10K)  [ Pic: Rich Standing ]

This is my highschool senior yearbook picture taken in August 1994. It's the typical clean shaven image I feel looks best on me.

The picture on the right was actually taken the night of my graduation party in May 1995, I've included it here since it really isn't that exciting. It does give you an idea of what I look like after a long day of work and partying.

 [ Pic: Rich Pouncing ] (558x450x24@21K) (160x163x24@5K)  [ Pic: Rich's Chest ]

I was somewhat leery of posting these pictures, but I figured you'd enjoy and need a good laugh. The color one was also taken after my graduation party. I had taken a funny picture of him, and he wanted one of me in return, so this is a posed shot to please him. I call it my "sex crazed pounce" pose, though I get the feeling anyone who actually saw me doing it would die laughing or run shrieking in terror.

OK, here's the beefcake, skin picture, although it's mostly just the cake. Sorry to scare you with the pale white skin, but I can't seem to find a better picture that shows my current hairstyle any better. I've grown quite fond of the way military high and tights, flattops, and other buzzcuts look on others. I just hope they look as good on me. For more incriminating pics, the Halloween and Summer pages should provide a few chuckles.

 [ Fake Pic of Rich ] (340x450x24@19K) (741x450x24@41K)  [ Pic: Rich Sunning]

The FAKE swimmer picture was made in New Orleans when I went to my friends' wedding in December 1995. It's my face, but someone else's body and hair. I did it just for the fun of it. Actually, I wanted one of a beefy biker, but my face just didn't look as good on it.

The real one of me on the right isn't as gorgeous. It was taken at an outdoor country concert in Huntsville, AL in May 1993. This is probably me at my slimmest of 175 pounds. If you want to see some more pictures of me, especially shirtless, check out my Summer Fun pages.


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