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 [ Pic: Bruce, Brent, Rich, and Darin ] (516x450x24@23K) (669x450x24@36K)  [ Pic: Rich and Brent Drinking]

The four musketeers from left to right: Bruce Summa, Brent Spurrier, me, and Darin Stephens. We were the best of friends the last year Brent was at college in 1992/1993. This was taken at Brent's wedding on July 2, 1993 in Clearfield, Iowa. Here's a close up (366x365x24@11K) of me and Brent from the picture.

Here's one of those moments that will be with me forever: Brent invited me up to his house the night before Easter Sunday in 1992 for the specific reason of getting me drunk. It was the first time I had ever drank alcohol He took me into my first bar in Clearfield and bought us some wine coolers. We then went back to his place to drink. He also introduced me to a drink called Smurf Juice, which turned your tongue blue. Of course, we were BOTH minors at the time. Then the next day, he invited me to his grandmother's for Easter Sunday dinner. What a guy. (By the way, here's a close up (575x450x24@32K)of that shot of the two of us drinking.)

 [ Pic: Brent Spurrier] (354x451x24@18K) (526x450x24@30K)  [ Pic: Rich and Brent Flex ]

My favorite pic of my best friend Brent Spurrier. I loved him so much, but that's for another tell, and another web page dedicated to just him that I hope to add eventually. It would explain so much about me and who I am by explaining my friendship with him. Suffice to say, this was taken at his wedding in July 1993.

The other picture was taken the same weekend as my Summer Fun pics in May 1993, but it seemed more appropriate here. Plus, it shows both of us at our physical best, having a little fun posing and flexing playfully. I weighed 175 pounds then, but am still sucking my gut in.

 [ Pic: Kristy Dennehy] (306x450x24@12K) (629x450x24@33K)  [ Pic: Rich and Kristy]

Kristy Dennehy is my other best friend in the whole world. Taken in Fall 1995, this pic shows Kristy with her hair cut short. She is one of the coolest, hardest working, independent, and wonderful people I know of. She is an perfect example of what a woman can be, feminine yet strong. You go girl! I miss Kristy SOOOOO much, since we bonded on such a soul level my last year in college.

Here we are at Brent's wedding in July '93. You can see the lovely backyard that Brent got married in, including the gazebo. We both loved him very much, and you can find more pictures of the three of us at the Graduation Party page. Here's a close up (507x450x24@25K) from this picture of me and Kristy. The close up shows her with long hair and ::gasp:: in a dress!

 [ Pic: Bruce and Kristy] (657x450x24@41K) (309x351x24@23K)  [ Pic: Kristy in Rich's Room ]

Here's my college roommate and friend of four years, Bruce Summa, and Kristy in a lighter moment in our residence hall room. She was over at our place so much, she might as well have been our roommate, which would have been interesting in an all male hall, not that she would have minded. I'm not sure when this was taken, though I believe it to be in early 1994. Bruce was a major Trek fan, and was once Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Krazny Oktyabr. (See our group picture below.)

Here's Kristy using my old computer in October 1994. I've included it so you can see a part of what my college room looked like. (Cause I get the distinct impression that Kristy is going to kill me for these two candid shots of her. Of course, there are even more incriminating pictures of BOTH of us in my Halloween pics.

 [ Pic : Gurley Living ] (296x407x24@8K) (464x450x24@22K)  [ Pic : Gurley Poses On Shoe ]

Gurley "Chip" Living was my best friend my last years in highschool. He's since moved to Seattle, WA. This was his highschool yearbook picture taken in 1989. The other picture was taken in August of 1993 on my second visit with him. He's posed at one of the holes at a miniature golf course we went to when he lived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

 [ Pic : USS Krazny Oktyabr Crew ] (603x450x24@32K) (630x443x24@64K)  [ Pic : USS Wernher von Braun Crew ]

Spending time with this group of Trekkers on the left is were some of my favorite times were spent. We were at our largest and most enjoyable when this picture was taken in spring of 1993, though we may have went on to do bigger and better things later. But as with all things, we each go our own ways and drift apart. Knealing in the front row: Brent Spurrier, Heather Seaton, Mike Dymond, Chris Armiger, and someone I don't recall. Back row standing: Phil Capps, someone I don't recall, me, Jennifer Miller (now Gleason), Bruce Summa, Dwain Gleason, John Wagner, and Sara DeLong.

These were the guests at the USS Wernher von Braun's Fifth Anniversary Party in September 1998. Those who are not members of the crew have been marked with a *. Front Row, left to right: Francis Hedrich, Catherine "Kit" Ramsey, Russ McNutt, Laura Peterson, Michelle Coleman*, and Carlo DeShouten*. Standing in Back, left to right: Niles Kimbro*, Chyrstal Kimbro*, James Lowery, Don Daniel, John S. Lowery, Rebecca Self*, Jim Dykes, Richard Trulson, Joey Sloan, Perry Cagle, Dallas Vinson*, Jimmy Whatley*, and Alice Strange*. This is the best picture I have of my von Braun crewmmates.


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