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 [ Pic: Rich in Starfleet Uniform ] (320x240x24@15K)

OK, perhaps my STARFLEET uniform isn't really a Halloween costume since I've worn this at other times. However, it fits in nicely here. While I'm no longer Commanding Officer of the USS Wernher von Braun, I still participate in their activities. I also remain quite active with STARFLEET and Region Two.

During my last halloween at college I decided to go out in style with 5 costumes that year. I went as Jim Carrey's Mask character, a demon lord, a pencil through my head, a drag queen, and a STARFLEET officer. Here's the better ones, with explanations.

 [ Pic: Rich With Pencil in Head] (437x482x24@16K) (668x450x24@30K)  [ Pic: Rich as the Green Mask ]

For the annual Halloween party held by my Star Trek club at college, I waited till the last minute to do a costume. As a result, I didn't have one in time and had to improvise. Here's what I did: I simply broke a pencil in half and used liquid latex to affix it to my temples. I went as a college student who has stressed WAAAAY to much over classes. ::grin:: As it turned out, it was one of the best costumes I've ever done, cause it looked so real, and was SOOO easy to do. Compared to other costumes I've done, it was easy to do things with this one on. Technically, I think this picture was from 1993, but I wore this to class in 1994 though, and everywhere else I went that day. It's that versatile and easy to do.

I was one of the Recycling Coordinators for my campus. We decided to do an educational dance for Halloween and here's the costume I did. I couldn't afford to do the yellow outfit Jim Carrey wears, so I had to settle for just the green mask. I had fun with it since I was able to cut loose with the insanity. Or, if I'm not the Mask character, I suppose I could be a Martian. Here's a close up (294x357x24@10K) on just the face of that pic.)

 [ Pic: Kristy as Lady Death ] (312x450x24@25K) (208x451x24@14K)  [ Pic: Rich in Drag ]

Here's Kristy as a sexy lady Death. And of course, here I am in drag as Magenta Belle. I wanted to get a Scarlett O'Hara type plantation dress, but I waited too late to begin my costume search. So instead I went as a general southern slut. The joke was threefold: First, I was a guy doing drag. Second, I have always been the deep south boy in northern territory, (Even though Missouri was part of the south, they enjoyed teasing me for my southern accent and mannerisms.) so the southern belle routine would have been appropriate. And finally, if I had had the dress, it would have been a costume in itself, with the other two jokes added on top, but I had to settle for the prostitute look. Oh well. I can't believe I posted this, and may never live it down. Remember, this was a COSTUME, not a full time thing.

There is a funny story associated with this: Me and Kristy had went to Wal-Mart so I could buy the shoes and other accessories needed for the costume. Ironically, the tights I was wearing were "queen" size, which provided all kinds of laughter for us. Plus, it was a trip trying on women's shoes in a major department store. Kristy didn't know whether to laugh or hide, and managed to do both. Though you can't see it in the picture, I had stuffed the bra quite fully. I wasn't, however, about to shave my arms. Nor did I have a wig, which might have helped me look better.

Kristy had to help me get ready. Though we were the best of friends and soulmates, you haven't done anything till you've change clothes in front of a good friend of the opposite gender. We were laughing SO hard, we had to stop and catch our breath. Watching me figure out how to wear women's clothes and put on make-up nearly killed her, and me, with laughter. Then it happened: She realized she had left something at her apartment that we had to go get. Here I am, half in drag, half out, and having to go down 7 flights of stairs in an all male, red neck residence hall to her apartment. I've never ran so fast in my life. Fortunately, no one saw me.

I have never seen so many blank stares in my life when I went to the party. I ended up riding the elevator down in full drag with two guys from my hall. I never said a word as Kristy did all the talking. I don't know if they thought I was a woman or not, but it was tense. Then I had the nerve to flirt with my hall director and resident assistant at the front desk of the hall. The HD just laughed, while the RA, known for his red neck ways and attitudes, just laughed and said, "You make one hell of an ugly woman." I was hurt.

Reactions at the party itself were equally mind numbing. My poor roommate, Bruce, just stared. His then girlfriend whispered to me later in the night that I should have flirted with him. I didn't, however, cause there's only so much you can ask of your friends. One person commented, "You scare me, Rich." It was fun, though I don't know if I will ever do drag again.


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