Graduation Party Pictures

All these pictures were taken during my graduation party the night before I graduated in May 1996. Me and Kristy did a joint party together, since we were such good friends. We rented out the bar at the local hotel and invited all our friends to celebrate with us. Though I'm sure there were wilder parties than this, I'll always remember this as one of the happiest moments of my life.

 [ Pic: Graduation Party Group] (838x450x32@50K) (1033x450x24@50K)  [ Pic: Rich Kissed by Girl ]

Here's a group shot later in the night of everyone at the party. From left to right: Brent Spurrier, Kristy's best friend, Andy Scott, Kristy Dennehy, Paul Schweedler, Heidi Gurrman, me, and Jason DeLong. Conspicuously absent from this shot is mine and Kristy's parents, several of Heidi's friends and her fiancee, and two of my friends.

Here's what I call my blackmail shot from the party. Heidi, being quite drunk, decided I needed a kiss.

 [ Pic: Bar Guys ] (725x450x24@51K) (736x450x24@28K)  [ Pic: Hugging Threesome ]

These are two of my favorite shots from the graduation party. The first is what I call the "crotch shot." I wanted a picture of all the guys, and this is how we posed. As a result, it prominently draws attention to all their crotches, not that I planned on that. ::grin:: From left to right: Jason DeLong, Paul Schweedler, me, Andy Scott, and Brent Spurrier. You can also see the bar we were at. Here's a close up (1149x445x24@67K) of all the guys.

The other one is of Kristy and me molesting, I mean hugging, Brent, who is sandwiched in the middle. She was an insatiable flirt with him, and Andy as well. We both loved Brent very much and were saddened by our loss when he got married. His marriage status and our feelings for him eventually changed though. He remains a wonderful man and an even better friend.

 [ Pic: Family in Front of Dieterich ] (615x425x24@40K)

This was taken on my graduation day in May 1995. The residence hall, where I lived for 5 years at college, can be seen in the background. I was on fourth floor the entire time, with the same roommate and room for 4 of those years. That was a minor miracle given that most people move off campus, or change roommates and halls yearly. Here I am holding the diploma cover, since the diploma itself would be mailed to us. I'm surrounded by my parents, Richard and Loretta. Here's a close up (579x414x24@32K) of us taken from this picture.


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