Summer Fun Pictures

These pictures were taken during May 1993. I had went up to Clearfield, Iowa to spend some time with Brent Spurrier, who was going to get married in July. Since his friendship ment so much to me, I needed to spend some time with him before I lost him forever to married life.

 [ Pic: Rich Rappelling 1 ] (322x450x24@27K) (663x450x24@66K)  [ Pic: Rich Rappelling 2 ]

Brent and Darin Stephens were really good friends and big outdoorsmen. They wanted to get me involved with one of their favorite sports: rappelling. As if rappelling isn't insane enough, they like to do it off a bridge. And they convinced me to do it too. I'm was just sooo daring and butch that summer. Please notice that in the one on the left, I'm dangling completely upside down. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

 [ Pic : Rich Rowing on River ] (657x450x24@36K)

The next day, Darin and me decided to go floating down the river with one of his friends. The friend, who's name I forget, is sitting behind me. We even stopped at a sand bar and cooked hot-dogs.


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