The Subspace Static is the award winning newsletter of the USS Wernher von Braun. It has been published monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly. Currently, it's not being published at all due to a lack of submissions, finances, and time. Much of the information that was contained in the newsletter can be found online for free. Anything of particular interest is often sent in the monthly e-mails that remind everyone of our monthly meetings and other events. If you'd like to be added to our e-mail list so you can remain informed of our events, send an e-mail to

You will need an Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) viewer in order to read these. The Acrobat Reader is available for free from the Abode web site. After the issue date, the size of the PDF file is listed. Please note that issues prior to the Star Trek 30 Special Edition are in a digest size format. Therefore, the pages are out of order in the PDF file. Furthermore, the PDF creation process may have caused small lines to appear along some graphics or to mangle some text.

Prior to 1995:
Unavailable in PDF.

October (661K) and November/December (479K).

Winter (Unavailable in PDF.), Spring (867K), and Star Trek 30 (3.7MB).

Spring/Summer (1.4MB) and Fall (5.4MB).

Winter (1.8MB), Spring (3.7MB), Summer (2.9MB), and Fifth Anniversary (6.4MB).

No issues were published in 1999.

January (659K), February (659K), March (420K), April (1.3MB), May (487K), June (387K), and October (825K).

After 2000:
No issues were published after 2000.

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