What I Wrote:

If you came here looking for great writing ability, look elsewhere. Some of it is pure trash and some of it is mildly entertaining. However, I enjoyed writing them, and I know at least a few people enjoyed reading it.

Fiction Writing Class:

The following stores were written for my Fiction Writing class at Northwest Missouri State University. Most were written in one night or less as the deadline hit. ::sheepish grin:: Unfortunately I couldn't do any science-fiction or other genre story either which proved difficult to do even though I can write non-fiction easily enough. My greatest weakness as a writer apparently was that I like to use trite, over used expressions. Oh well.

Alienating Parents :
A little boy fears that his parents have been taken over by aliens from another world. I couldn't actually do sci-fi, so I did the next best thing possible. Take that teacher.

First Kill :
I decided to explore the emotional turmoil a police officer experiences when he kills someone for the first time in the line of duty. The was my best story, mainly because I relied upon my roommate for all the technical information on police procedures. (He wants to be a cop.) As a result, this had a touch of authenticity to it that the others lack.

Reflections of the Past : (Coming Soon)
Someone searches for a lover after they split up. Anything more, would reveal too much about my experiment with perspective in this story. This one is also the one that means the most to me.

When Hell Freezes Over :
Someone has a REALLY rotten day. I'm proud of this one for the imagery. Unfortunately, I never knew the grade I got for it.


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