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The following are some of the common questions people have about the Wernher von Braun. If, after reading through this you still have questions, please feel free to ask at a meeting or E-Mail us at


Check out our Events Calendar for the latest activities. Our monthly meetings are held the first Sunday of every month at 2 p.m. If bad weather or a holiday occurs on that day, our meetings will be held the following Sunday at the same location and time. The business portion of the meeting generally lasts about a half hour, though we socialize for about an hour or two. We occasionally go to a movie or have some other fun activity during or after the meeting.

We also try to have at least one other activity a month in addition to our meetings. This activity can range from a community service or fund raising event to another fun, social event, and every combination in between. Sample past activities have included picnics, video parties, convention trips, game nights, and more. As always, feel free to suggest an activity that you would like to see us do.


We no longer charge local membership dues. We just didn't feel right asking for your money when we couldn't produce a newsletter on a regular basis, or offer you anything else substantial for your money. Therefore, we do ask that you join STARFLEET and make sure you request assignment to us. As a result, most of our events are potluck, in that you we ask you bring your own food and something to share with others. Occassionally, if we have an additional expense, a donation may be asked to help offset the cost.


We're actually a chapter of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association. Chartered in Huntsville, AL, we are part of Region 2, which comprises many of the states in the Southeast. Over 150 chapters exist all over the world, encompassing nearly 4000 members. STARFLEET offers a whole lot more for the individual, from STARFLEET Academy to the Marines and other departmental level programs.

Individual membership in STARFLEET is currently $15, though they have several family options available. Checks or money orders should be payable to "STARFLEET". Make sure you ask to be assigned to the USS Wernher von Braun, and write down or NCC number, which is NCC 72069. The website has online registration options for those with credit cards, or we can help you complete and mail the application.

Your membership entitles you to a fictional rank and awards system, a membership handbook that incoporoates our constitution, a vessel registry, and a subscription to the bi-monthly news magazine called Communiqué. The Communiqué contains articles on Star Trek, convention listings, classified ads, reports about science articles, news from around the Fleet, and much more!


Rank is an awards system for those who join STARFLEET. Once you receive your SCC number and membership materials, you will be awarded the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class (PO3). After that, promotions are based upon your participation in various activities that the ship has. Rank does NOT give anyone authority over another. It is used as an indicator of performance and awarded accordingly. Nor do you have to salute a superior officer or address them by rank. Rank is for recognition and fun ONLY.


We reccomend people dress appropriately for the situation. For example, don't wear a hot uniform to an outdoor day activity in the middle of a heat wave. But for an awards ceremony or other special event, a uniform would be ideal. If the situation warrants a uniform, we encourage you to wear them, but we do not require it, nor will we think any less of you for not doing so. Any sci-fi uniform is acceptable, though Starfleet uniforms, particularly Next Generation through Voyager era, are recommended. After all, wearing a uniform helps with publicity and recruiting.

We also have more casual "uniforms" as well. It's basically black shorts with a uniform style T-shirt. (This T-shirt can be made by cutting and sewing a black T-shirt together with a T-shirt in one of the three departmental colors: red for command, blue for sciences, and gold for operations.) For fun events, we also have ship t-shirts and polo shirts with our and STARFLEET's logo on them. If all else fails, wearing your favorite sci-fi T-shirt is fine too.


This is a volunteer organization. Everything we do, we do for fun and because we want to help others who need a hand. However, the more you participate, the more fun you will have with us. While we have our fun events, we also do some community service projects. Your participation in those is completely up to you. Furthermore, our events and activities should never interfere with your work, school, or other real-life obligations.

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