Crewmember Contact Information

Please feel free to E-Mail us at for more information or for any other reason. The Commanding Officer or Executive Officer should be the first person you should contact for questions, comments, or problems that you may have.

We have several methods of informing our members of events. Our primary method is our private mailing list. If you'd like to be added, send an email to Make sure you mention that you want to be added to the WvB mailing list so I know what you want. The announcements are also posted to our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. However, private information such as phone numbers and addresses will not be posted on those public forums to ensure members' privacy is protected. The Twitter account is particularly useful to those without regular computer access, as you're able to follow "tweets" on your cell phone as SMS text messages.

If you have questions or need to verify if an event is still taking place, please send an email to For last minute verifications or emergencies, call the Commanding Office, Richard L. Trulson, at 256-658-1018 during the afternoons or evenings.

Chapter Contact Information

USS Wernher von Braun
28825 Airport Lane
Ardmore, AL 35739-8901
(noon-10 pm CST)

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Commanding Officer

Richard L. Trulson
28825 Airport Lane
Ardmore, AL 35739-8901
(noon-10 pm CST)

 [ Picture of Rich ]

Executive Officer:

Catherine "Kit" Ramsey

 [ Picture of Kit ]

Medical Chief:

Joanie Daniel

 [ Picture of Joanie ]

Sceince Chief:

Donald Daniel

 [ Picture of Don ]

Other Crewmembers:

Laura and Russell Peterson, Science-Fiction Collectibles
Michael and Joanna Sylvester, Home Page
Gene and Mickey Chapman
Dallas Vinson
Russ McNutt, and his mother, Hazel
Loretta Trulson
Henry and Jennifer Vaughn, and their children: Gabriel, Jonathan, and Abigail
Ron and Dawn Zuckerman, and their son Christopher

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